“Berniemojis” by Scott Nash

Developer and designer Scott Nash has set a new bar with his “Berniemojis” – emojis for your iPhone depicting a playful yet cantankerous Sanders, now available in the iTunes store.

In 1896 William McKinley changed politics with the first mass produced presidential campaign button, and while it’s impossible to know just yet if Nash’s Bernimojis are analogous it certainly is an interesting sign of the times!

Donald Trump By John Kilduff

For the record, we’re not trying to shit on Donald Trump (pun intended) but we definitely gave a chuckle when we saw this painting by John Kilduff over at Daniel Rolnik Gallery in Los Angeles. They’ve got some prints available, so get off the pot and pick one up!

Interestingly enough, Trump has been one of the most depicted candidates so far, be sure to check out our posts on Trump as a pile of poo and Trump painted with menstrual blood.

Guess we’ll have to see how the Primaries play out, but if this trend continues we may need a new anti-Trump website, yikes.

Aaron Thornburgh’s Milton Glaser tribute

Designer Aaron Thornburgh has created this great tribute to Milton Glaser’s iconic 1966 Bob Dylan poster (which in turn was inspired by a Duchamp self-portrait from ’57.) You may know Glaser as the creator of the I Heart NY design, though his Dylan definitely comes in at a close second.

If this updated design isn’t already cool enough, Thornburgh has put up a high resolution pdf online so you can download and print a copy at home!

Download the poster for free from Thornburgh’s site here and while you’re at it read more about the original Glaser design here!

Ron English (and 127 others) support Bernie Sanders

Artist and activist Ron English (who you may remember for his iconic Abraham Obama image in 2008) has publicly endorsed Bernie Sanders alongside 127 other artists, musicians, and cultural leaders. Excited to see such a diverse group of people ranging from Margaret Cho to Dr. Cornel West to DJ Z-Trip on this list.

Hopefully this will lead to some cool cultural events and collaborations in the months to come – stay tuned!

Check out the full list of 128 creatives on the official Sanders site here: https://berniesanders.com/artists/

The Bernie Barn in Vermont

Vermonters David Tanych and Meryl Lebowitz recently enlisted the help of California based muralist Jules Muck to create this massive portrait of Bernie on their barn. Loving the grassroots rustic lifestyle meets California spray paint mural vibe going on here!

Check out the full video on WPTZ here.

Donald Trump… painted with menstrual blood

Portland, OR-based artist Sarah Levy has created a compelling portrait of GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump, however while most portraits try to be flattering, Levy has created hers out of an unusual medium… menstrual blood!

According to USA Today, Levy’s portrait is a reaction to Trump’s statements to Fox anchor Megyn Kelly, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

If period blood grosses you out (what, are you 12 years old?), then check out this HuffPo article on another artist who finds unexpected beauty in it through macrophotography.