Peace for Paris by Jean Jullien

Graphic designer Jean Jullien, who is French but currently based in London, has been identified as the creator of the #ParisforPeace image which has gone viral since it’s creation following last week’s horrifying attacks in Paris.

The image, powerful in its simplicity, depicts the Eiffel Tower as a literal symbol of peace, the rough brushwork adding an emotive and very human context.

Learn more about Jullien in a recent interview on Wired.

Bernie mural in Silverlake, Los Angeles

Artist and muralist Lydia Emily recently finished this mural in Los Angeles’ Silverlake neighborhood, here’s what she had to say about it on her Facebook page:

“People ask me why I paint for Bernie, there are so many answers but the one that keeps me painting when I am feeling weak is if red takes over our government again and we lose our healthcare people like me will die.”

Lydia was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012, you can learn more about her and her art on her website.

Painting by Luis Tinoco

New oil painting on wood by San Francisco-based artist Luis Tinoco. Additionally, the artist has an ongoing series dedicated to women’s rights called “Beauty and the Streets” which you can learn more about here.