Bernie Sanders action figure, coming soon!!

Artist Mike Leavitt, who made waves in 2009 with his Obama action figure, is back at it with a new Bernie Sanders sculpt!

Mike’s custom made figures have shown in art galleries and museums around the country, and his smart but tactile works are definitely on our cool list.

Looks like a Kickstarter will be started soon, be sure to sign up for advance notice!

“Distribution” by Chad Knapik

“This piece was all constructed in my 3D painting style and design.  I like to merge 2 dimensional paintings with 3 dimensional sculpted additions that tie the two dimensions together visually from the front, but demonstrates the obvious 3 dimensional aspects when viewed from the sides.  The main focus on this piece addresses one of Senator Sanders’ primary objectives stated by the Senator himself during the first Democratic Debate; distribution of wealth.  The melting dollar sign was my choice to demonstrate this objective visually.  I placed the dollar symbol in a natural setting in order to also bring light to the numerous concerns about global warming and our need to find alternative energy sources to help preserve our natural resources and the habitats that contain them.” – Chad Knapik

The Bernkin by Campbell Carvings

For Halloween this year, Shelburn Vermont resident Ashley Campbell carved this crazy Bernie Sanders pumpkin (the Bernkin!) over the course of twelve hours using wood chisels and a template on a donated 40lb. pumpkin. No stranger of custom carving, Campbell runs her own pumpkin carving business, you can learn more on their Facebook –