Birdie stickers!

Nice little surprise for today, super cute Birdie stickers now available from the official campaign store!

It sounds like these won’t be around forever, so we’d definitely recommend donating today to receive one. The best part? You can donate ANY amount and still receive a free sticker. Learn more or┬ádonate directly here.

Bernie Shreds!

Commonwealth Skateboarding in Portland, OR have designed these sweet Bernie stickers, which they’re selling on their StickerMule page. If you’re in Portland, swing by their shop where they’ll have locally-sourced discounted stickers available for purchase in person!

Stickers by the Sticky Brand!

Some fun new Bernie Sanders stickers, this time fresh (phresh!) from The Sticky Brand in Burlington, VT.

According to their Facebook page:
“The stickers are not for sale but are available for free at The Wild Life Shop 161 Main St in Burlington VT. If you like the stickers and want to support Bernie come grab some and make a small donation to his campaign on your own.. If you are out of state you can send us a self addressed stamped envelope to “The Sticky Brand // 161 Main St. // Burlington, VT 05401”