How can I submit my art?

Simple! Simply email us at artists4bernie (at) gmail to submit your work for publication on this website or on our social media.

Does my art have to be a portrait of Bernie Sanders?

Not necessarily! We will also consider artwork inspired by Sanders’ message and causes, so artwork regarding income inequality, social justice, and voting reform is also encouraged.

Do you sell prints or posters?

We will be selling prints, posters and stickers in the future, so stay tuned!

Does the money you raise go directly to the Bernie Sanders campaign?

Yup! We are not-for-profit and as such are looking to raise as much as we can for the campaign and for Sanders campaign awareness.

What will you do when you reach your campaign contribution cap?

That’s a great question, and one we’ve been battling with for a while. Due to campaign finance laws, we can only donate a certain amount to the Sanders presidential campaign.

Once we have reached our campaign contribution cap, we will take any additional funds and put it back into the community and into the cause. For example, one thing we can do with extra funds is to print artist-designed stickers and mail those stickers to supporters in swing states for free.

We will always do our best to be as transparent as possible and will be keeping our fans and readers updated regularly with what we’re doing and how we’re spending the money we raise.

What’s this I hear about an art auction?

In January of 2016, a few weeks before the Primaries, we will be hosting an art auction at two galleries in San Francisco. The money from these auctions will directly donated to the Sanders campaign. Stay tuned for more info in the months to come!

Is this website sponsored by the Sanders campaign?

Nope! was created by a small grassroots group of artists and art lovers who have come together to support Bernie Sanders. With that said, if you work for the Sanders campaign please do contact us so we can do a better job of helping out!